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"Such an amazing place with wonderful, kind people. They helped me feel secure from the beginning."  "From the minute you walk in the door you're greeted with open arms by the NICEST group of women." "Highly recommend Her Health to anyone in any situation! The clinic is very nice and calm and the staff are kind and caring!"

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Your health and safety is our priority.

Before you make a decision, let’s go back to the beginning. Here are some questions you should ask if you are considering ordering abortion pills or scheduling an abortion clinic procedure.


Have you verified a viable intrauterine pregnancy with a medical professional?


Have you had an ultrasound to confirm how far along you are?


Do you have any medical conditions that would make you ineligible to take abortion pills?


Do you know what to do

in the event the pills don’t work and you are still pregnant?


Do you know your Rh factor and if you are Rh-negative?


Do you know your options

if you change your mind after taking the first pill?

Considering the abortion pill or at-home options in Iowa?

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If you are considering abortion, book an appointment for a consultation and testing at no cost to you.  While Her Health Women's Center does not provide abortion care, we have the answers you need on the abortion pill, abortion clinic procedures, your legal rights, what to expect, side effects, and your options in Iowa. 

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You are unique. Your care should be too.

Every woman’s body and experience is different. It's important for you to discuss your health history, find out if you are allergic to any of the drugs used in the abortion pill regime, get answers on what to expect during and after an abortion, and schedule an ultrasound.


You may qualify for a free ultrasound confirmation to verify how far along you are and if the pregnancy is viable. This information can determine your next steps. While we do not provide or refer for abortion services, we can help you make an informed and empowered decision.

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Fill out the form above, call, or choose our self-scheduling option by selecting a location, date, and time below for your free appointment. Additional appointments are always available if you don't see a day and time that works for you. Contact us directly. We know that some situations are time sensitive and you are our priority.

Her Health Women's Center

Her Health Women's Center located in Sioux City and Le Mars, IA is committed to providing you with everything you need to make an informed pregnancy decision. We believe women and men have a right to get evidence-based information from a resource that will not profit from the choices and pregnancy decisions they make. All of our services are free and confidential. 


Her Health Women's Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the state of Iowa. The information on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be substituted for medical or legal advice. We are committed to protecting your health information. Please be aware that communicating via unencrypted text messaging or messaging services has some level of risk of being read by a 3rd party. While we do not provide or refer for abortion services, we can answer your questions about side effects, what to expect, and more. Contact us to learn more.

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