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Nurse talking to a patient about test results

Considering Abortion in Le Mars, Iowa

Confirm your pregnancy and get the information you need on abortion and your options.

Abortion pills and procedures | What you need to know

If you think you may be pregnant, your first step is to confirm how far along you are and if the pregnancy is viable. This information can determine what options are available. The abortion pill is only FDA-approved up through 10 weeks after your last menstrual period. If you are considering a medical or surgical abortion, learn more about side effects, what to expect, recovery, and when to seek emergency care.

For your health and safety, you should rule out an ectopic pregnancy, have an IUD removed, and get tested for STDs prior to an abortion.

How we can help

We provide free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STD testing, and an options consultation all at no cost to you. We can determine how far along you are, inform you about options available to you, and answer any questions you may have about pregnancy and abortion. We do not profit from your choice and do not refer for or perform abortions. Contact us to learn more.

What determines The Cost of An Abortion?

Abortion costs are determined by several ​​factors, including but not limited to:

  • Abortion method

  • Gestation (how far along you are)

  • Single or multiple pregnancies 

Vacuum aspiration, D&C, and D&E are the most commonly performed surgical abortion procedures.

What are the most common side effects?

Side effects range by method and can include but are not limited to:

  • Cramping and contractions

  • Heavy bleeding

  • Low-grade fever and headaches

  • Nausea and abdominal pain

  • Blood clots

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

  • High fever and infection

  • Lower back pain

  • Allergic reactions

  • Burning or painful urination

  • Muscle pain or stiffness

  • Incomplete abortion

  • An overgrowth of the uterine lining
    Death - the abortion pill is extremely dangerous to take during an ectopic pregnancy 

Please note that women can also be allergic to the drugs used in the abortion pill or in the anesthesia used before a surgical abortion.

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