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What Should I Know About Abortion Laws?

As people, we all strive to know the truth and know that what we are basing our decisions on is reliable information. One place that confusion seems to be in abundance is the information dealing with abortion and pro-life laws. We can wonder about issues like…

How do pro-life laws impact women?

What about miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies?

Are there lasting impacts after abortion?

Do Black women suffer disproportionately from pro-life laws?

To help bring some understanding, the Charlotte Lozier Institute has worked to do some research so that we can see a fact-based resource that helps clarify some of the issues. Having this information aids us in our understanding so we can make an informed decision.


FEAR: Pro-Life laws will prevent physicians from caring for a woman if her pregnancy poses a serious risk to her life.

FACT: All state abortion laws in effect have exemptions to save the life of the woman.

FEAR: Pro-life laws will prevent physicians from treating miscarriages and women who have miscarriages will be sent to jail.

FACT: The pro-life laws going into effect do not in any way prohibit treatment for miscarriage, which is not the same as an induced abortion.

MYTH: Abortion has no adverse mental health effects on women.

FACT: There is no longer scientific doubt that abortion contributes (National Library of Medicine) to the increased rates of mental health disorders among women, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, excessive risk-taking, self-harm, and suicide. America’s reporting on these issues is inadequate, but from international studies that are more robust, show that it is more likely for a woman to die from mental health cause in the year after her abortion than after giving birth.

FEAR: Black women will suffer disproportionately from maternal mortality in pro-life states that limit abortion.

FACT: Black women have a maternal mortality rate 3.4 times that of white women. Black women also have abortion rates nearly 4 times higher that white women. The higher abortion rates are not protecting Black women from maternal mortality. As the Lozier Institute points out, this demands further study but ending the lives of black children is not the answer.


It is important to know all the facts when we are making a decision. Look into information that you hear and look for yourself as to what is true and what is false. Seek out reliable information and pursue what is true. If you want to see the full study you can find it here:

If you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy and are wondering what your options are, schedule an appointment with us at Her Health Women's Center by calling us at 712-224-2000 or scheduling online.

*Disclaimer: The sources cited for this blog are found to be reliable; however, Her Health Women’s Center cannot endorse or oppose the entire content of the websites listed. The content of this blog is meant to be used for informational purposes and is not a substitute for medical care.

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